Get Started

Account Setup

  • Navigate to Settings -> Accounts

Here you will find account configuration settings for supported integrations.


The Twitch integration is required to perform TTS on any live stream events.

  • Login via OAuth
  • Chat
  • Follows, subscriptions, gift bombs, etc.
  • Channel Point Rewards

The integration allows you to authenticate with the website for access to beta and alpha updates.

  • Login via OAuth
  • Automatic beta updates
  • Automatic alpha updates


The Streamlabs integration allows you to connect with Streamlabs for donation events.

  • Login via token
  1. Navigate to the API Settings page in Streamlabs dashboard
  2. Continue to the API Tokens tab
  3. Copy your API Access Token
  4. Paste your token into the Token field in Streamlabs account settings.
  • Donation events


The StreamElements integration allows you to connect with StreamElements for tip and merch events.

  • Login via OAuth
  • Tip events
  • Merch events