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Quick Start

Make sure you've completed the following:

Quick Start Guide

Create a Voice Alias

  • Navigate to Settings -> Voice Aliases

Enter a Name for your alias and select your desired output device.

For the purposes of this guide, I recommend leaving the output device set to Application Default, which will use your current default audio output device.

  • Test Speak at the bottom of the view should now successfully speak the test message.

Enable Global TTS

  • Navigate to Settings -> General
  1. Ensure the Enabled checkbox is checked.
    • This toggles the TTS engine on or off globally.
  2. Select a Default Voice Alias
    • Choose the voice alias you created in the previous steps

Test TTS from Twitch

  • Your instance should now be ready to speak commands from Twitch Chat!
  1. Open Twitch Chat for the account you authenticated with
  2. Enter !say test
  • If everything is working, should have spoken "Test"!