General Settings

  • Navigate to Settings -> General

Instance Information


Unique ID for this instance.

Only reset this field if you know what you are doing.


  • Type: Text
  • Default: or TwitchSpeaker

Enter any name you want for your instance.


Global toggle for the TTS engine.

Allow Moderator Whispers

Enable this option to allow your moderators to whipster !tts commands to your Twitch account and have them spoken by TTS.

Log Level

This will determine the level of logs that are output to the logs directory.

When requesting support, it is best to set this to Verbose to get highest level of detail in your logs

Audio Output Device

Select the default audio device for TTS to be output to.

This will be represented as the Application Default option within voice profiles, where you can also override output on a per-profile basis.

Application Volume

Set the default volume level for all TTS output.

Save TTS

Select a folder to save all output TTS to .wav files.

Default Aliases

Default Voice Alias

Select the default voice alias for all spoken TTS messages.

Highlight Voice Override

Toggle usage of the Highlight Voice Alias

Highlight Voice Alias

Select a specific voice alias to use for highlights / mentions.