Speaking Options

  • Navigate to Settings -> Speaking Options

Speaking Options

  • Say Everything
    • Enable this option to send all chat messages through TTS
    • You can exclude specific users by marking them as ignored in User Settings
    • When disabled, TTS can still be invoked by using Chat Commands such as !say
  • Say Username
    • Enable this option to also speak the username of the user who sent the message
    • User Said Prefix
      • Change the prefix included with messages when username is included in TTS
      • Default: said
      • Example: SomeUser123 said some message
  • Sticky Random Voice
    • Enable this option to stick a user to the first randomly assigned voice they receive.
  • Allowed Forced
    • Allow forced TTS messages
  • Only say username if previous was different
    • Enable this option to prevent username from being spoken on subsequent messages from the same user.
  • Replace %name% with nickname if available
    • Enable this option to utiize custom nicknames configured in User Settings


Stop any currently speaking TTS, and skip any queued TTS for a user when any of the selected events occur:

  • Message Deleted
  • User Timed Out
  • User Banned

Command Options

  • Silence Command Output


Global permissions settings for TTS access.

  • Moderators
    • Allow all Twitch moderators to use TTS
  • Subscribers
    • Allow all Twitch subscribers to use TTS
  • VIP's
    • Allow all Twitch VIP's to use TTS
  • Regulars
  • Everyone
    • Allow everyone to use TTS


Ignore emotes from spoken TTS for all of the selected emote sources:

  • Ignore Twitch Emotes
  • Ignore BTTV Emotes
  • Ignore FFZ Emotes
  • Ignore 7TV Emotes
  • Ignore Cheermotes Emotes

Override the previous ignore settings and allow one instance of each emote to be spoken:

  • Allow first emote

TTS Speaking Commands

All commands configured here will function the same as the default !say and !" commands.

Ignored Prefixes

Enable this toggle to ignore messages beginning with any configured prefixes.

  • Ignore text prefixed with