Chat Commands

Interact with your instance directly from Twitch chat!

Default Commands

  • The following commands are made available by automatically
!tts status Get the current application status.
!tts voices How many voices (and by type) are available.
!tts pause/resume Pause or resume the TTS event queue.
!tts clear Clear all pending events in the TTS event queue.
!tts stop If TTS is currently speaking, stop only the current speech.
!tts mode [all|command] Toggle between needing a command to speak and saying everything.
!tts commands List all available custom commands.
!tts [off|disable] Disable the TTS engine.
!tts [on|enable] Enable the TTS engine (if it has been disabled).
!tts ignore [add|del] [username] Sets the ignore status of the specified user.
!tts ignored List currently ignored users.
!tts reg [add|del] [username] Add or remove user from being a regular.
!tts events [on|off] Toggle speaking of all events (subs, cheer, etc).
!tts random reset [username] Resets a user back to there default voice, typically used if sticky random is enabled.
!tts set nickname [username] [nickname] Assigns a nickname to be said when enabled in the bot
!tts set sticky [on|off] Sets the sticky mode, if users are set to random, there first spoken voice will stick for the duration, unless reset using the above.
!tts assign last [username] Will assign the last used voice to the user specified.
!tts [about|aboot] Sends to chat the information about your TwitchSpeaker instance.

Custom Commands

  • Navigate to the Custom Commands tab in

Custom commands allow you to create TTS chat commands with a specified voice and user permissions configuration.

Add Command

You can create a custom command by filling out the fields detailed below, then clicking the Add button.


Enter the name you want to use for this command.

  • Example: !say

Voice Alias

Select the voice to use with this command.


Restrict this command to specific Twitch user roles.

Modify Command

To modify any existing command, select it in the list and change any fields you like.

Delete Command

To delete any existing command, select it in the list and then click the Delete button.