Connect incoming events with TTS actions!

  • Navigate to the Events tab in

Global Settings

Voice Alias

By default, the voice alias found in Settings -> General will be used for events.

To change this behavior and select a specific voice alias for all event messages, you can modify this Voice Aliassetting.


  • The Enabled toggle will enable or disable event messages globally.

Per-Event Settings

All incoming events can be configured with multiple TTS messages.

Each event supports the following configuration options:


Enter the message to be spoken by TTS.


To use a variable in a TTS response, surround the variable name with %

  • Example: Thank you, %name% for donating %bits% bits!

The following variables are available in the Message field:

nameSay the name of the user who triggered the event
levelSay the current level of a Hype Train
giftSay the amount of gift subs given to the community
subtierSay the tier of the subscription
titleSay the title of the channel point reward redeemed
costSay the cost of the channel point redemption that has been triggered
bitsSay the number of bits cheered
amountSay the amount bits / money / channel points used or donated
percentSay the percentage of completion of a hype train or a community goal etc.
currencySay the currency used in the donation message
tierSay the tier of the Subscription gifted
recipientSay who received a gift sub
cumulativeSay how long a user has been subscribed to the channel
messageSay the text that is pass through with a sub, resub or donation


  • Type: Number

When an event contains multiple potential message responses, will choose an event at random.

By modifying the Weight attribute, you can increase the probability of specific messages being selected.


  • Type: Checkbox

Enable or disable this message.

Event States

Event States allow you to quickly enable or disable specific events from being spoken.

You can also configure minimum requirements for Raid Viewers, Cheers, and Donations to be spoken.